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Whether you're a pro or just getting started, I can help you achieve your goals!Coaching all genres including: POP :  Rock :  R&B :  Country : CCM


This is the first first step in learning how to unlock your natural voice and become a more confident singer.  I will show you techniques which will help you experience greater endurance, flexibility, power, and range, so that you can sing up to your true vocal potential.

Problem areas that you are experiencing will be addressed, and techniques will customized to meet your individual strengths and weaknesses.    

Have you ever become horse from over use?  Learn the most common reasons for hoarseness and lack of endurance, and what to do to avoid them. 

Have you ever found that you are singing flat during a concert or a recording session?   Proper voice placement and breathing techniques solve the great majority of these problems.  I can show you what you need to know so that you can be consistent with your vocals every time!

If singing is your passion, then now is the time for you to get the proper training, and experience greater vocal power and freedom.  Singers without proper technique can suffer physically and artistically, ending up with voices that are overstressed, overworked and even damaged. 

I can help. I have coached singers at every level - from those who sing for their own enjoyment to professionals in the entertainment industry.   I have prepared singers for “American Idol”, “Rock Star” and major record label auditions.  My clients have been signed to record labels, received vocal awards, and been featured on television, radio, commercials, music videos and concert tours.
Typical areas of focus include:
  • Warm-ups and exercises to strengthen your voice.
  • Developing your stage presence  and confidence as a performer
  • Ear Training
  • Breathing techniques for greater power and ease
  • Proper vocal placement
  • Song interpretation and “emotionally rich” vocals
  • Discovering your unique vocal style

Vocal Stylings also offers:

Vocal Stylings also offers:

In Studio Vocal Production
I have over a decade of studio experience which I’ll put to use for you! Whether you’re recording a demo or a CD, I'll help you capture the perfect lead vocal and harmonies.

Performance Workshops
These eight week workshops cover all aspects of performance technique including stage movement, microphone technique, creating your stage image, connecting with the audience, and overcoming stage fright.

Classes for Kids
Singing workshops just for kids are held throughout the year. Check out Kids' Workshops for more information.
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